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regional dialect


I know regional dialects are important in Italy. Does the Italian we are learning with Rocket Italian have any dialect content? If I go to Venice, is the Venetian dialect commonly spoken?


Ciao Claire,

Rocket Italian doesn´t have any dialect content as it teaches the national language only.
In Italy we have a lots of dialects, not only from a specific region but also from specific areas too.
If you speak to the locals in Italian they will understand you .



I'm off to Italy this afternoon for the first time. I've just started with Rocket Italian and it's great! I've got a few introductions ready to use and look forward to my return next spring. Dialect-wise, every country is the same, really. Come to Scotland and there are many - sometimes Scots from the lowlands have difficulty with the Highlanders.  


Hi KennethO, 

How was your trip to Italy? :-)

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