Traveling to Milano and Cologne


I will be going to Milan and Cologne for business in July. I have 3 days for myself. Any suggestions on places to stay and /or see. :D


Hi there. Welcome to the Rocket Italian Forum! with 3 days in Milan you can definitely see a lot of things . You can't miss : Il duomo (the cathedral), Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, La Scala opera house, "The last supper" paint from Leonardo Da Vinci in Santa Maria delle Grazie church, Castello Sforzesco (The Sforza castle)... these are definitely the highlights of the city. You can do some shopping in via Monte Napolenone,if you are looking for the latest fashion from the most famous Italian designers. But if you are looking for something cheaper I recommend Corso Buenos Aires's shops. For a good traditional Italian meal, I'd go to the Navigli district where you can have a resonable price dinner and then eventually enjoy the trendy nightclubs of the area, if you are interested. For which it concerns hotels, well there are a lot of opportunities depending on the budget you have planned for your trip. Hope to have been helpful. Rocket Italian Team


I'm going to Milano in September of this year - and Roma - thanks for this, even though it's from five years ago! If you have any updates, let me know!


Litajuniper, I was just in Roma in January and in Milan last January and May, are you looking for info?


Hi again,

the ceremony for the beginning of the Milan Expo 2015 will take place today.
What an exciting time to visit Milan .
For more information about this amazing worldwide event please refer to the following website
(English page)
(to practise your Italian knowledge and improve your vocabulary)



I'm going to Parma in a few weeks. I've been before but this time I would like to use the public library there. Just to sit and try to read a bit in Italian. Are visitors without tickets allowed in libraries?


Hi Claire,

sorry for my late reply.
Libraries in Italy have got different rules but they are mainly used by locals or students.
How did you go ?
Have you enjoyed Parma and visited the local ham factories?



The library was very welcoming and I spend some hours there - it was full of locals just relaxing reading. As I'm a vegetarian I visited a balsamic vinegar making place in the hills instead of the ham factories! It was fascinating, well worth a visit.


Good, you have found the place for you !
What about the Parmiggiano Reggiano???

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