2nd phrase in lesson 6.1


In lesson 6.1 mangiate is translated as 1st person singular but my verb book translates it as second person plural in either present indicative or imperative tenses. Am I missing something? Thank you.


Ciao Davidej, you are correct. The verb "mangiate" is the conjugation of the verb "mangiare". It can be translated as "you all eat" (2nd person plural) : Example: -voi mangiate la pasta = you all eat pasta or as past participle in the passive form (plural) -le carote sono state mangiate da Maria = the carrots have been eaten by Maria In lesson 6.2 we translate the expression "mai mangiate" as "I have never tried that before" but it literally means "never eaten". I hope this helps. All the best for your Italian learning! :)


Comprendo. Grazie.

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