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Hi 1. Request for Enhancement: If you get the answer wrong four times, could you display the correct answer - very frustrating otherwise. 2. I am struggling to understand why "they understood" (perfect) does not translate correctly as "hanno capito" Regards Bob Black

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Jun 20, 2011

Quizes Need Improvement.

Hi. When in the "quiz" section, after you do it once when you reset you should ask a DIFFERENT set of questions. It also would be better if they were more than 5 questions and a little more challenging.

6 replies - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
May 3, 2011

Conversation at begining of Premium Plus lessons

I enjoy the quick comments in Italian at the begining of each Premium Plus lesson. Most times, by using multiple rewinds, I can understand the gist of what's being said but it sure would be nice to have a transcript in both English & Italian.

4 replies - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Apr 25, 2011


Ciao Maria, I was wondering if rocket touches on the sensitive subject of death and funerals. unfortunately they are a part of life and one that at times needs to be discussed. Does rocket touch on this subject in any lessons. Grazie Fran

4 replies - Last post by Fran-N -
Apr 6, 2011

translation please :)

Buon Giorno, Can you please tell me how to say "we will be arriving at 3PM"? Mille grazie! andrea

5 replies - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Apr 6, 2011


Ciao, just wondering is there anyone else learning this course without anyone to practise with, and how successful are you at it. I'm teaching my dog and speak a bit to my husband but am curious at how anyone else is doing???? Fran

6 replies - Last post by Fran-N -
Mar 14, 2011

Lesson 2.9

In this section of 2.9 Attività Una giornata di lavoro - A day of work The following text is about a typical day at work. Listen and read carefully. Can you understand enough to be able to answer the questions below? Check the English translation afterwards. where can I find the english...

3 replies - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Dec 11, 2010

December Updates

Hi Everyone Jason here, the CEO of Rocket Languages. Those that have been with Rocket Languages for a while will have noticed many gradual changes and face-lifts over the last couple of years. Most of these changes have come from suggestions that members like yourself have made. Of course we...

0 replies - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo -
Dec 10, 2010


I was intrigued to hear Alex say that North America is the only place they call it soccer. Not so. It's always been known as such here in Australia and in New Zealand and I expect there are other countries of English heritage that do the same. I'm told the name is derived from Association...

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Nov 18, 2010

Rocket Italian Premium Plus Lesson 11.6

The language and Culture tabs are blank when I go into this lesson. Is something wrong?

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Nov 18, 2010

Downloading Answers in Grammar Sections

How do you download answers to questions in grammar sections?

5 replies - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Nov 18, 2010


Ciao, I wanted to say that I'm very happy with this course and it's layout. It seems that the SYSOPS up there finally got everything under control. Pheu! That was quite a ride at the beginning. I also want to commend the Moderators in this forum for their prompt, friendly, and helpful...

8 replies - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Nov 11, 2010

Simple books to read

It would be helpful if each lesson concluded with a short story appropriate to the level of the lesson. Once you've seen the lesson sentences, there is no thinking required to translate what you are looking at - you really need a chance to play with something new to read. I may try to locate...

4 replies - Last post by Jon-S -
Oct 19, 2010

Errors on Mega Cards

Hi, I have only made it through a few dozen mega cards for beginners and have found a few errors. Most look like typos.... "the girls runs"... instead of the girl runs... etc. One of the cards has the following. The word "hall" should be "hole". These...

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Oct 6, 2010

What's after Italian Premium Plus?

Fa nessuno sa quando Italian tre e' venire?

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Sep 16, 2010

Errori in Bonus Lesson

In the 6.9 Lesson on the Body: Schiena ... Waist Caviglia ... Calf Piede ... Ankle Also, it would be helpful if definite articles were included. Grazie.

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Sep 16, 2010

2nd phrase in lesson 6.1

In lesson 6.1 mangiate is translated as 1st person singular but my verb book translates it as second person plural in either present indicative or imperative tenses. Am I missing something? Thank you.

2 replies - Last post by davidej -
Sep 8, 2010

can't download and save lessons with MAC

Hi there, I am using a mac and having trouble downloading and saving lessons in iTunes. Each time i press the "download audio" button, it starts to play with "quicktime" plug-in, though iTunes has been set as my default media player :( Any suggestions? minjia

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Sep 2, 2010

No more print function?

What happened to the print function? I've checked multiple courses and can't find the print option. I have printed before, so whats changed?

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Aug 17, 2010

Audio Transcripts

Could you provide transcripts of the audio lessons?

0 replies - Last post by maycha -
Aug 5, 2010

Better Interactiveness and more visually pleasing

Love Rocket Italian Premium Plus. It would be a lot more fun doing the lessons if the interactive menu was set up more like Italian Premium where the user can see the words and pictures and match them. This would hold my attention a lot more. The lessons seem tedious otherwise. Also, for the...

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Jul 16, 2010


Buon giorno! I must have missed the lesson on past tense. In 9.6, Modal verbs, the introduction refers to "in last lesson. . .learned how to express yourself in the past," but 9.5 refers to Conditional verbs. Have I confused premium vs. the other courses? In 9.7, I like the way the...

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Jul 16, 2010

Next edition

Do you have a projected date for which the next set of lessons will be available for Rocket Italian? I am visiting Italy this summer and had hoped the next set of lessons would be ready in time for me to go through them before departing. I hope Maria and Alex are getting close to finishing them.

3 replies - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Jul 6, 2010

Mega Vocabulary and Games

I have Italian Premium PLus, but do not have any games, mega Vocabulary.

3 replies - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Jul 1, 2010

Rocket Italian Games

Where can i find mine in the package? Been looking for it for a while. Thanks :)

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Jun 9, 2010

bonus lessons - quiz ?

Ciao Just a quick question: Is there supposed to be a quiz after the bonus lesson? Don't seem to show up. Thanks, Dagmar

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Mar 17, 2010

grammar and culture lessons

Ciao I have completed the first two sections of the audio course, up to the hotel scenario. I have received two e-mails with grammar and culture lessons, and I see that all these lessons are in the course material. Am I supposed to go through an audio lesson and then immediately the grammar...

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Feb 23, 2010

2CDs vs 20CDs

Hi, Just purchased the on-line, downloadable version and noticed the option to purchase the lessons on CD. What is the difference between the 2CD version and the 20CD version other than the 20CD version seems to be in Stereo, contains 18 more CDs and is 10 times the price? thx, Mike

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Feb 15, 2010

Part 6 Rocket Italian Language & Culture

I think there is an error in the summary section of the verb "avere." The caption under the picture reads "Lui Ha caldo!" for he is hot, but in the list, it reads reads Voi avete freddofor You are hot. Shouldn't this be Voi avete caldo"

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Feb 15, 2010

Mega Italian

I was using the Mega Italian software, but the picture and the words do not match up correctly. for an example: there is a picture of a man driving a motorcycle. But the english words describing the picture is "to play an instrument" of the italian words the correct answer was...

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Feb 7, 2010

what is after stages one and two?

Hello, I have just joined today. I have already started learning with Michel Thomas's foundation course and then I read a review of this site. I found stage 1 fairly easy and I would like someone to tell me where I can find the more advanced stages. Thank you all.

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Jan 5, 2010

Corrupt Megatalian

Hi all I am a new member and have tried to dpwnload the games several times. Once downloaded and i try to "run " the megatalian games i keep getting a message saying that the file is corrupt and i need to download again, which i have done several times only to get the same result. Any...

2 replies - Last post by mvc -
Nov 26, 2009

iPod/iTunes related question

I purchased the online version and so far I really like it!I was wondering, though, since I bought the windows version, can I still go to my Mac, log on, and download the files into my iTunes so that I can put them on my iPod? I would love to be able to listen to the lessons while running! But,...

2 replies - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Sep 20, 2009

Vocabulary Games

So, where do I find the games and things that are supposed to supplement the lessons? Is this something that will pop up later, after I do more than a few of the early lesson plans? I can't seem to find a link for any of that. Just the lessons.

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Sep 17, 2009

Who are the classmates?

It would be nice to have an area where students could introduce themselves. They could say things like, from where they are, why they are taking the course, how they feel about the course, etc. etc. Edith

6 replies - Last post by em21 -
Sep 16, 2009


you might consider an audio under the "extra vocabulary". click and listen to the word. Would really help on learning pronunciations. :)

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Aug 11, 2009

purchased with full price can t get lessons

I purchased rocket italian last night the only thing i can get are lesson 2 and 1 examples. will i eventually be given a link to download the package?? is waiting part of the initial process? :|

6 replies - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Jul 30, 2009


Where are the MegaVocab, MegaGames and other downloads.

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Jul 27, 2009

Grammar & Culture Lessons Now Available

Dear Rocket Italian Community, All of the Grammar & Culture Lessons are Now Available in the Members Area from a link on the left side bar called 'Grammar & Culture.' Sorry it took us longer than expected to add these. We hope that you enjoy the added convenience. The lessons are chock...

5 replies - Last post by netita89 -
Jul 23, 2009

Lesson 4.5 Tuscan Region

Hi, as I finished lesson 4.4 Opera, it said that the next lesson would be on Tuscan Region, but it is no where to be found, the next one I find is on Family, Domestic, can you tell me where and how can I find lesson 4.5 on Tuscany. Grazie.

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Jul 13, 2009

4.5 "Countryside" is not on website

However it is on the CD version--only problem with that is that you can't look at the Italian words, with just the MP3 files, and anyone who didn't buy the CD is out of luck. Also I am sure you are aware that the Grammar part of the website does not provide audio where it says it does (it...

3 replies - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Jul 6, 2009

Level 2 ?

Ho studiato l'italiano per due anni, e penso che "rocket Italiano" è molto facile. È possibile che un " Level 2" è pianificato.? Con distinti saluti. Bent Neumann

5 replies - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Jun 30, 2009

Incomplete questions in quiz 5.7.1

In 5.7.1 in the Grammar Section, questions 1 through 4 ask to fill in the gap in sentences which follow, however no sentences are shown. FYI- My XP now works giving me both audio and Activity answers in the Grammar Sections. Thanks.

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Jun 29, 2009

Some errors in quiz 5.6.1

I hope you don't mind my pointing these out to you, but I am sure you want to make the best program possible and I hope I can help. QUIZ IN 5.6.1 Grammar: #1. Correct answer should be "Che Peccato" #3. Expression used in making a complaint should be "Non sono contento" #4....

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Jun 29, 2009

Errors in the quizzes

There are a large number of questions on the practice quiz #2 that are incomplete! For instance question 12 asks "How do you translation the reply" but doesn't give anything to translate. The choices are: Panini, Prego, Certo, Grazie mille. All the questions 11 - 15 are like that.

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Jun 29, 2009

MegaItalian Download

Can't install MegaItalian Games because it doesn't download completly. When I try to download, it stops before completing the total 25.8 MB, but it still says that the download is complete. I get the window asking if I want to "Run", and when I click yes, I get: "The setup files...

6 replies - Last post by em21 -
Jun 29, 2009


It would really help if the vocabulary that you cover in Bonsus Lessions 3.11( Numbers) and 3.12 (Clothing) put into text form. It is a lot easier to remember vocabulary if you see it written. Thanks.

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Jun 18, 2009

Errors in Quiz

2 problems with program: The Quiz for 3.3 Nightclub will not load. In Quiz for 3.4 Pharmacy, Question 2 asks how would you ask "How are you" in the formal. The answer should be "Come sta?", buy this was marked incorrect by the program.

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi -
Jun 15, 2009

Answer to quizz in Newsletter part 6.

Hi, where can I get the answers to quizz in Newsletter part 6? (Suppose to be 5 but it says 6). At the end of the quizz it says Show answers(*MB) and than there is a link that says "click here to download this file". When I click that link, it takes me to the Rocket Italian add place,...

2 replies - Last post by em21 -
Jun 4, 2009

Broken links

When I select "Click here to download this file" to get answers for the activities, it takes me back to the Rocket Languages home page. Also, the audio link for section 3.8.18 of the Stage 1 quiz says "File not found". Thanks

0 replies - Last post by Johng8 -
Jun 2, 2009

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