Answer to quizz in Newsletter part 6.


Hi, where can I get the answers to quizz in Newsletter part 6? (Suppose to be 5 but it says 6). At the end of the quizz it says Show answers(*MB) and than there is a link that says "click here to download this file". When I click that link, it takes me to the Rocket Italian add place, where it gives info about the site and how to order. Thanks, Edith Merila


Ciao Edith and welcome again to Rocket Italian Community! I really apologize for the technical problem, I already pass the issue to be fixed. Here you can find all the answer for the newsletter part. 6: Translate Q.1 Loro Q.2 Loro Q.3 Voi Q.4 Noi Q.5 Lei Q.6 Lui Q.7 Lei Q.8 Tu Match Q.9 Tu sei Q.10 Lui è Q.11 Lei è Q.12 Noi siamo Q.13 Lei è Q.14 Loro sono Q.15 Loro sono Untangle Q.16 lui è contento Q.17 lei è alta Q.18 io sono americano Q.19 loro sono studenti Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further request ;) Thank again to use our Rocket Italian Community! Have a good day! Romina Marcuzzo Rocket Italian Team


Thanks for your answer, Edith

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