Italian Premiun Plus, lesson 11.3
 Roberto is trying to say that he is rather greedy when it comes to do with sweets, or, like we would say in English, that he has a sweet tooth. I would say in Italian that he is pittuosto goloso quando si tratta delle dolci. In this lesson, to convey that, they say “il piύ delle volte ė” to say “mostly it’s”.
Could you tell me a little about this expression? I know that different languages sometimes use expressions that don't literally say what it means. But, it usually helps me to remember the sentence better, if I can somewhat understand the why of the expression used in it.


Ciao Edie Thank you for your post. Unfortunately some expressions can't be translated as in this case. I have always suggested to try to memorize them. I hope you are enjoying the course. Ciao


Thanks Maria. 

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