Buon giorno! I must have missed the lesson on past tense. In 9.6, Modal verbs, the introduction refers to "in last lesson. . .learned how to express yourself in the past," but 9.5 refers to Conditional verbs. Have I confused premium vs. the other courses? In 9.7, I like the way the conditional is compared to the fguture, but then, after comparing the future and conditional of essere and avere, the next four verbs show only the conditional. I do find it a bit difficult to navigate among all the various options. Grazie.


Ciao Donato! I apologize for the confusion caused. Your are correct. In the introduction there was a mistake saying that the lesson was referring to the past rather than conditional present (lesson 9.5). I confirm that it has been fixed. The idea of adding the future tense near the conditional tense of the last 4 verbs is very good. I'll pass it to our Rocket Italian Development team to see what they thinks. In which part of the course exactly do you find difficulties? Is it navigating the members area? I hope I can be helpful. Buon divertimento ! :D

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