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I purchased the online version and so far I really like it!I was wondering, though, since I bought the windows version, can I still go to my Mac, log on, and download the files into my iTunes so that I can put them on my iPod? I would love to be able to listen to the lessons while running! But, we have both PC and Mac, and I have been using the PC for the lessons. (My husband really uses the Mac more than me... but we have all the Apple products going through that.) Is there a problem with downloading the audio files onto both of my computers, then, I guess is what I am asking? Thanks!


I answered my own question. Thanks.


Hi Linven and Welcome to the Rocket Italian Community. I reconfirm you that you can download the files in the PC and in the MAC. In order to download the audio lessons, you will need to click on the individual download links and select Save. Save all of the the lessons into the same folder, and when you have completed the downloads, double click on the files to start playing them. You will need to have iTunes as your default media player. Play the lessons in iTunes first so that they are converted to a file format recognized by your iPod. After doing so, you can then transfer them to your iPod in the normal way. I hope this works. If you are still having trouble you can email the support team and they can help you troubleshoot further. Buona fortuna The Rocket Italian Team

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