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Is there something missing in Lesson 2.6


Lesson 2.6 is titled To Be, To Have, There is, There are and Where is BUt while the lesson states that THere are is formed by using ci and sono (from loro sono), no examples are given in the audio parts. There is a bank. There is a bar etc but surely for beginners, unfamiliar with the language there should be examples for There are banks and there are bars. Similar the title says it will explore To have but there is little mention and no examples such as io ho, tu ha etc. Is this being looked at?


Hi Bob I think you will find an example how ci sono works in the plural for banks and bars etc. with the audio ci sono studenti (they are students). Although I do agree it could be a little more explanative. The To Have verb is discussed in lesson 2.7 To Be, To Have, There is, There Are, Where is. (Part 2) Ciao Grahame


Ciao Bob, I understand what you mean. I've forwarded your feedback to our Rocket Italian Team to see what they think. Ciao

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