recognition of points


Today I have 1414 points but it does not register on the top users score. I have noticed this in the last few days. It is demotivating for those of us who like to see how much progress we are making in comparison to other users. Even when I log off and then back on , it seems to make no difference


Hi mccainbp,

Thank you for your post.  Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience or concern caused.  We are aware of the issues with the Leaderboard, and are working on correcting the problem.  To do this, we are actually revamping the entire points system.  We hope to complete this very soon.  In the meantime, unfortunately the Leaderboard won't accurately reflect who has earned the most points I'm sorry.  Keep an eye on your forum notifications (the number next to My Forum on the left hand side of the page) for any updates to the points system.

Thank you for your patience, and all the best with your lessons.

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