Video lessons


Hola a todos, Here is a link to some short lessons all in Spanish, no English, with Spanish subtitles. I find them very helpful as a review or learning something new and great practice for listening. Saludos, Ricardo


Hola Rich y todos, Gracias por este sitio. Me gustan los "youtube" videos como "light speed" y "Profesor Jason" y ahora "tildemadrid". Todos son muy interesante y informativo. Estoy de acuerdo que algunos son cortos y muy conveniente cuando no hay mucho tiempo estudiar. También se ofrece lecciónes distintas como subjuntivo o los verbos llevar, traer, etc.


Ricardo: thank you for sharing the link. While watching it I noticed how easy it was for me to spot the other woman's German accent. Then later this morning I was watching a program on HITN and it was very obvious from her accent that one of the guests was from the United States. I think that I am becoming more aware of the little nuances of pronunciation.


Hola a todos, De nada amigos. Me alegra que lo hayan disfrutado. Saludos, Ricardo


gracias por (sharing ) :P

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