What is the intended lesson order?


Ciao! Are the lessons intended to be completed in the numerical order? For instance, do I start with Lesson 1.0... and then move on to Lesson 1.1... 1.2... 1.3, etc? Grazie!


Ciao Luigi, The lessons are organized in a way to make the learning process easier for you. All you have to do is go through the lessons in the same order as they appear. There is no limit on how many times you can access the lessons. You will see that every Interactive Audio Course lesson and Grammar lesson has a quiz at the end. You can always reset them and do them again if you are not happy with your score. You also have the option of marking lessons as complete (this can always be undone) to help you to find your way around the course and so you know what you last worked on. We have arranged the lessons in a format that we think is most beneficial for your language learning journey. You can use the easy navigation buttons at the bottom of each lesson to get to the next recommended lesson. I hope this helps. Buon divertimento!


Ciao Maria, Grazie! That all makes sense. Thanks for responding. I'm enjoying the course very much! Cordiali saluti, Luigi

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