a fare / per fare

Hi all, In lesson 6.1 (Grocery Shopping), Maria comes up with the following two lines: 1) _"Ogni sabato vado al supermercato *a fare* la spesa per la settimana."_ 2) _"Devo comprare tutti gli ingredienti *per fare* una bella cena ai miei amici."_ Why does one translate "(in order) to do/make" as "*a* fare" in the first case, but as "*per* fare" in the second. Are these two prepositions interchangeable or is there some piece of logic I've missed? Thanks in advance. Butch

That's a good question! a fare - per fare = to do, in order to do In Italian A and Per are not interchangeable. In our dialogues, the verb that precede the verb to do, is the one that dictate which preposition to choose: 1) VADO A fare una passeggiata 2) COMPRARE ingredienti PER fare Ciao e buono studio!

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