Grazie mille Rocket Italian



Mi scuzi. Non prepared to write all in Italian just yet. Just returned from two weeks in central Italy in the country near Orvieto. Studio Italiano di Rocket per uno mese prior to going. It made all the difference in the world not only for me but for mi spousa, mi due le sorelle e mi due i fratelli. We stayed in two different places, a villa in Torre di Alfina (pop.400) and Benano (pop.10). It was an incredible experience. I was nervous about trying out some of what I learned but when I did the response was overwhelming! In almost all cases we were able to communicate with what I had learned and we were rewarded with several bottles of homemade wine.In both places only Italian was spoken. I was disappointed in myself for not studying more and concentrating on the grammar. But I am now back and eager to learn more for a return visit. Grazie mille, lei molto gentile. Guiellmo.

Molto Bravo!! It's wonderful news for you and for us.. We hope you'll keep on studying and next time you go to Italy it will be even better. Ciao e tanti auguri!

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