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ho una domanda a chiedere

Does it follow that every Italian noun that ends with -o means that it is a Masculine noun and vice versa, nouns that end with -a imply that they belong to the feminine?
Example: il zaino, il bagno, il mano, il tavolo

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi Rachelyeo,

Yes, the great majority of nouns ending in -o is masculine, and the great majority of nouns ending in -a is feminine.

Not all of them, though. Some nouns are irregular: la mano. It ends in -o, but it's a feminine noun.

Make sure to memorize the gender of the word along with the noun itself!



I finished a lesson where il tavolo is mentioned.  All along I thought it was la tavola. That is how it was taught in the first lessons having to do with pronouns and gender.  What is the difference?  Thank you, Luz

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