le sue scarpe, his shoes?



Hi all.

I am on 4.9 ‘Yours and Mine'

Le sue scarpe is his shoes. I understand that it is le sue to match scarpe (femine, plural). However how do I know that it is ‘his' and not 'her' if it's not obvious. 

For example if there are a group of people of mixed gender and you say ‘le sue scarpe sono belle’, how does my friend know if it's the boy or girls shoes I am talking about?

Any help would be appreciated.



Hi Gary, 

Thank you for this question!
Unfortunately, in a situation like the example you gave, your friend wouldn't be able to know whether you are referring to a girl or a boy.  In both cases you would say "le sue scarpe". In cases like this, you would need to get this information from the context.

Hope this helps! :) 

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