quelli vs quei


Pushing through some of the level 2 grammar and there is a segment with quei lavori (those jobs). Why not quelli lavori?


Ciao Jon, the translation of "those" in Italian could be either "quei" or "quegli". "Quelli" is an old version not used anymore. The rule is the same as using the articles "i" or "gli". "I" is used in front of nouns starting on s,gn, ps,x, z . "Gli" is used in front of nouns starting with vowels and in front of the consonants not specified above I hope this helps. Ciao


Thank you.


Is it the case that quelli is still used as a pronoun but not as an adjective? as in "Quelli sono rossi" but "Quei vini sono rossi"?

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi MickK,

You're right, quelli is used as a pronoun. You could translate it as ones in English, as in:

Quelli che giocano - the ones who play
Quelli sono blu - those ones are blue



Grazie, Lucia.

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