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Question about Imperfect Subjunctive



Hi. In lesson 16.10 (Regular Imperfect Subjunctive") of Rocket Italian, the lesson states that the imperfect subjunctive must be used with past tense, imperfect, or conditional. One of the examples they gave really confused me because it is the only example that does not use the imperfect subjunctive in it, so I'm wondering it is an error?

The example is
English: They believed that you would arrive tomorrow.
Rocket Italian Translation: Loro credevano che tu saresti arrivato domani.

I'm just wondering if this is the correct translation (not using the subjunctive) and if so, why it would be in the imperfect subjunctive lesson?

I thought perhaps the correct translation would either be "Loro credevano che tu fossi arrivato domani." or maybe "Loro credevano che tu arrivassi domani." Are either of these correct?

Please help. This was confusing. Thanks!

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