Da Quanto and Da Quando



I was doing lesson 5.11 Adverbs (Part 2) and come across "Da quando" which has the english translation of "How long". I was a bit confused by this at first because quando means when and also thought da quanto meant how longas in da quanto tempo
Then I remembered reading something where da quando meant since when. So I looked it up in the dictionary and a translator and they also have da quando meaning since when or since.  For example: 
Da quando sono nato = Since  (when) I was born 
Abita lì da quando era piccola  = She has lived there since (when) she was a child

Is the 5.11 Adverbs (Part 2) correct because da quando has two meanings or should da quando have the english translation of since when ?




Hi Mark, 

Thank you for your question.

I've looked into the lesson 5.11 and I can confirm you are correct: "da quando" means "since when" - I've amended it accordingly, thank you for spotting it!

"How long" should be translated as "da quanto".

Hope this helps :)


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