maglia maglione



in the survival lesson on clothing.

Maglia, maglione are these words interchangeable

Maglione jumper, but in hear it say it maglione is sweater

U.S.A uses sweater

South Africa jersey/ pullover

Australia jumper

Not sure of U.K.



Hi there, 

This one is always tricky!
"maglia" would be "jersey"/"shirt" while "maglione" would be "jumper"/"sweater"

This is what a "maglione" would usually look like:
Maglione Collo Alto Trecce Donna Maglioni Dolcevita Donna Maglieria da  Signora Grobstrick Femminili Signora Tops Autunno Inverno:  Abbigliamento

This is what a random "maglia" could look like: 
Maglia a girocollo, bpc bonprix collection

Finally, this is what a "felpa" (hoodie) would usually look like:
Felpa chiusa tinta unita con cappuccio Viola - Acquista Online | Terranova

Let me know if you need more help :) 

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