Mi piace, Ti piace, Ci piace, etc.

karoz April 7, 2010, 12:18 am
The part of the lesson where this was discussed was not clear to me. The lesson did not mention "vi piace" until the quiz. Can you clarify the different forms of "I like, you like, she likes, they like, etc? Grazie.
Mi piace, Ti piace, Ci piace, etc.
Maria-DiLorenzi April 13, 2010, 5:01 am
Hi Karoz,

welcome to Rocket Italian Community!
The verb "piacere" can be a little bit tricky.

We have two ways to express it :

-with "piace", when we use singular words. Example: "Mi piace la torta " (I like the cake)
-with "piacciono" when we use plural words. Example : "Mi piacciono le torte" (I like the cakes)

Basically in Italian to say "I like something" we say "Something is pleasing to me".

For example:

Mi piace la cucina italiana (I like Italian cooking) will be literally translated as "Italian cooking is pleasing to me".

As you can see the little words that change are the ones in front of the verb.
Please remember that "mi" which is not the subject of the phrase but the indirect pronoun.

Therefore you will have:

I like - Mi piace/piacciono
You like - Ti piace/piacciono
He/She likes - Gli/Le piace/piacciono
We like - Ci piace/piacciono
You like (addressed to a group of people) - Vi piace/piacciono
They like - A loro piace/piacciono

I hope this help!
Mi piace, Ti piace, Ci piace, etc.
karoz April 14, 2010, 1:48 am
Grazie -- It does help. I
Mi piace, Ti piace, Ci piace, etc.

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