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Does 'di' translate to 'from' or 'of' ?

Because in the phrase “tu di dove sei?” di translates to ‘from' , but in the phrase “un bel piatto di pasta” di transltes to ‘of’.

Would be very helpful if someone could clarify this for me.

Thank you.



Ciao ApoorvaC

This article will help, I believe.  It's not an exclusive use preposition:





Oh okay I get it now. Grazie!




Hi Apoorva, 

Thanks for your question! Indeed, as Chris has already mentioned, “di” is not an excludive use preposition (which I understand makes it slightly more challenging! :) ). 


It might be translated as “from” when talking about origins:

eg. Where are you from? -→ Di dove sei?


It might be translated as “of” when talking about the materials used or the owner:

eg. Questa borsa è fatta di carta. -→ This bag is made of paper.

eg. Questa borsa è di Marta. -→  (literally) This bag is of Marta.



hope this helps! :) 


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