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Hi How do I ask: 1. is breakfast included? 2. is the breakfast fee included in the plan? 3. which credit cards are accepted? Thank you!


1) Asagohan wa ganyuu saremashita ka? 2) Kono plan ni, asagohan no nedan wa morikomaremashita ka? 3) Koko de, donna taipu no casshu caado wa ii~n deshou ka? Or Donna casshu caado wo tsukatte mo ii desu ka? I think these would be okay. If there's some major translation problem, I'd be grateful if another forum member could point it out.


on the 3rd sentence, second version. I'm not sure if "mo" goes well there. As I know it's the short form of morau, and here you're not asking anyone to use your card, you're asking which type of card can YOU use...


Hm. I thought if you were asking someone to do something for you, it would be "Te form + moratte mo ii desu ka?". It's the same form used in Audio lesson 2.2. Will look into this though, thanks.


I think mo in that lesson has the meaning of "too" as in: "can you do this too for me ?". At least that's how I see it. Not 100% sure if it's correct though :) Sayaka-sensei has some really good explanations in these situations. It would be great if she dropped by this thread a bit :)


According to my understanding, tsukatte mi ii deska? would be OK. Translates as "may I use" in this case. On the other hand, it is more likely a local would say something along the lines of "VISA (or other credit card name) wa daijoubu deska"


Hi Johnさん、 Here is my response to your questions. 1. is breakfast included? 朝食付きですか? 朝食= Breakfast (Choushoku) 付き= Added/Included(noun form of 付く) (Tsuki) 2. is the breakfast fee included in the plan? 朝食も宿泊代に含まれていますか? 宿泊代= Accomodation fee/cost(Shukuhakudai) 含まれる= Include (passive of 含む)(Fukumareru) 3. which credit cards are accepted? どのクレジットカードが利用できますか? くれジットカード= Credit card (Kurejitto ka-do) 利用= Use(Noun) (Riyou) がんばって!

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