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Japanese complex thought of politeness


I am curious why Japanese language has complex thoughts of politeness. Are there any reasons behind this? I mean in terms of traditional Japanese culture and related matters.


P-san, Please excuse me, but can you please elaborate a little more as to which "thoughts of politeness" are you referring to as "complex". Further, it would be more helpful if you could give some examples to better explain your question.


This is a late response, but the idea of Honne and Tatemae might answer your question. Honne are your true feelings and desires, while Tatemae are what society expects and accepts. Some sociologists have posited that tatemae becomes more important in Japanese culture than in western cultures because Japan has a large number of people living in a relatively small space, to prioritizing social cohesion and harmony is a way to minimize conflicts in society. I hope this answers your question.


Shivam san, Thank you for your question. I've found the answer from Pascal san. Pascal san, Thank you verymuch for your answer. Exactly. It's what I've tried to find. Best Regards,

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