Japanese similar to korean


Is Japanese similar to Korean?


Not really. The pronunciation and syntax of their language is just a bit similar to chinese, but the Korean writing system differs a lot from Chinese (and Japanese of course, because Japanese borrowed a part of their writing system from the Chinese). So there you have it, Japanese may be a bit similar to Chinese from the writing point of view, but Korean is different from both...


The Hangul is more of a strict alphabet, instead of Japanese's weird combination of syllabaries, and Chinese characters. A much more logical writing system, in my opinion.


Korean has fewer characters that make it easier and faster to learn. I've known folks who have picked up the alphabet very quickly and they can read words within a few hours. Don't know what the words mean of course but they can easily check. It makes the reading side of learning the language so much more straightforward.


Both Japanese and Korean were derived from the Chinese language, however they are fairly easy to distinguish. Japanese has a more fluid speaking system, whereas Korean is a bit choppier. The writing is also easy to distinguish as Korean has many circles and straight lines in it.


I find Chinese is relatively easy but Japanese is difficult!


As a Chinese, I find that Japanese is much more complicated than Chinese. Japanese has three different writing systems, including the Kanji which is derived from Chinese. In addition, there are at least three ways to communicate with someone, based on the intended level of politeness. Moreover, there are at least 2 ways to pronounce a Kanji, the Kun and On ways. Japanese also has a more complex grammar and sentence structures than the Chinese. With a few exceptions, Chinese characters usually have only one way of pronunciation. Of course, the same Chinese characters can also be pronounced in different Chinese dialects such as Cantonese, Fujian, Shanghainese, etc. But we only learn the official Mandarin Chinese in schools.


The variation in language forms, e.g. verb forms, to show politeness or familiarity is in both Japanese and Korean. Chinese is the "odd man out" in that the politeness is shown by separate words, not by changing the verb form.


I don't think so, they sound different and they look a bit different in writing. the both interesting. I'm wondering for who learn these languages what the average it takes to fluency? how much u worked for that time?

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