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Hi, im going to be studying abroad for the fall semester in Tsuru University, which is located in Yamanashi. I was wondering if anyone visited or lived there, and if so, what it is like there, like food, lifestyle, people,. Any information would be helpful.


I have never lived in Yamanashi, but for the most part Japanese lifestyle does allow for a great deal of peace of mind. Even in Tokyo, you'd be considerably safer than living in most cities of the US. Food in Japan is really healthy and the walking you'll be doing should help you loose weight if your looking to do so (I have lost 16kg since I got here so... and I am still loosing). Japanese people tend to be very kind and patience people, although the better you are at Japanese the better your experience will be. While they are extremely helpful and everything, you have to make sure you are always giving your best to adapt to their culture. Although at the same time don't be someone your not, you have to balance your individuality with their culture. Trying too hard to adapt will cause as much problems as not trying hard enough. Overall, just be careful and have a great time though. The one last thing I want to advise to you is to LIMIT YOUR TIME SPENT WITH OTHER FOREIGNERS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Of course other foreigners are easier to talk to because of the cultural similarities, but they aren't Japanese so they won't help you on your Japanese and cultural understanding of Japan. While its OK to have foreign friends, just try not to hang out with them too often.


arigatoo. i also have another question. is it usually worth to buy a japan rail pass and if so, do you have to use consecutively or just whenever it is convenient for you?


I don't know, I'm in a town with no train station and have yet to ride a train besides the shinkansen.


The train pass is limited. It has a start date and end date. It has to be bought before you get to Japan. But it is very convenient if you will be traveling long distances in a short period of time (less than two weeks).


Depending on where you are there is a credit pass - Called Suica (the word for Melon, I am told) which has no time limit - it just deducts fare off as you need it. It can be used througout the train system and, I believe buses within Tokyo. You can also use it at most stores and cafes around the stations. I have not tried to use it away from the stations but that may be possible as well.


yes - thank you Lori-san for that tip - SUICA is the way to go when travelling within greater Tokyo. Allows you to avoid all the lines in the ticket machines... -Sayaka ;)


im only a rising high schooler in 9th grade and i really wish to travel to japan as a foreign exchange student and can only hope that my school offers such programs during the summer, since i don't really want to spend an entire semester away. i've been in love with japan in its culture for a very long time now!!! anyway, i hope you have fun!

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