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YouTube カラオケ (music videos with Japanese lyrics)


In the "9 Ways How to Stay Motivated and Have Fun when Learning a New Language" thread (see My Forum >
General > Rocket Languages Blog) suggestion number 4 is to "Sing at the top of your lungs." Of course lyrics need to be learned first and my favorite way to learn them is with lyric videos on YouTube.

Here's one I recently found:

 二時間だけのバカンス featuring 椎名林檎 宇多田 ヒカル
[Nijikan Dake no Vacance featuring Sheena Ringo | Utada Hikaru]
カラオケ: かな+漢字 + ふりがな
karaoke: kana + kanji with furigana 

If you find a Japanese song with lyrics to sing along to, please share.
(If YT says a video is not available in your country when you follow a link, try doing a search. Sometimes there are mirrors.)


Do you have an email address?  I cannot download this video, but I can email it, I think.


I thought it was something you watch online. If it's a file on your computer it might be DRM restricted.


It was online, but apparently they remade it and now it has a lot of banners in front of the kanji.  I had copied the old one, but it just won't cooperate about my copying it here.  Maybe it is restricted.  Sorry.  It's a good one.


Can you share the URL? Maybe the banners can be turned off?

Here's another one:
Aimer -"Ref:rain"
カラオケ(karaoke) starts at 0:15; かな (kana)



One more:
BabyMetal - 「メギツネ」(Megitsune)
MV+Kanji + Romaji + English Subs


I like this song by Kero Kero Bonito. A lot of the song is in english but it has two breakdowns in Japanese. The smaller chunks of Japanese make it less intimidating to sing along to for a beginner like me :)


If you want to play it the hard way it is often easy to goole lyrics to Japanese songs and listen to them on YouTube. Doing it that way is slightly harder as you have to concentrate more but you know what to listen out for.


"Flamingo" looks like a lot of fun to learn to sing. (⊙ꇴ⊙)

Changing course towards metal again:
MV+Kanji (English subs available through YouTube settings)

I like their song "No More Tears" better, but that video has a translation at the bottom. "The Pump Up JAPAN" video is a better choice for this thread as it has the Japanese lyrics at the bottom.


I found an entire channel of カラオケ today:

The quality isn't great and the song selection is older but it has over 200 subtitled videos.


椎名林檎と宮本浩次  / Sheena (her preferred roman spelling) Ringo & Hiroji Miyamoto
獣ゆく細道 / Kemono yuku hosomichi
Kanji + Romaji + English Subs


夏川りみ / Natsukawa Rimi
『島唄』 / Shima Uta 
Okinawa Sanshin cover / Kanji + Kana

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