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Hey there fellow Japanese learners!
As you guys have probably noticed- the lessons here are more for social and travel Japanese and not so much for the JLPT testing. I was wondering if you guys had any other suggestions on places to learn Japanese for the JLPT test and prep for the official language certificates? I've used things like Memrize and Anki for the Kanji but haven't been able to find much for the other parts of the testing. 


Flash cards, study the alphabets including Kanji and broaden your learning base to include other means of learning. Get old school text books and study material. It is the only way to broaden the ability to learn more. This website is excellent when combined with other learning means.


This site was pretty helpful for me:


If you look at the JLPT they ask all the questions in Japanese unlike the tests here so it is somewhat hard even for their most basic achievement.

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