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Lesson 1.1 - only "Hear It Say It" and "Quiz" tests available


This must be a software glitch because the other lessons, as far as I can tell, are working normally. On the upper right of the testing tab, H and Q appear in the normal large boxes while W, K, and P are in small letters. Also, on the page itself, only "Hear It Say It" and the "Quiz" appear. The other tests are not available (even though I completed them).


Hi Robert, Thank you for contacting us. My apologies for the trouble you are having with the Testing. It doesn't sound as though the page loaded properly. Are you still experiencing the same issue?? If you are still having trouble, please contact our support team for further help. Thanks Robert!


I am still having this problem. I see it using the latest Chrome on multiple computers. Also, it only happens in lesson 1.1 and only in Rocket Japanese. It also just started happening this week - it was working earlier.


I just sent an email to support...I am still seeing this problem and only with lesson 1.1.

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