Problems with "Play It!"


When I use the "Play It!" tests on my lessons I can never seem to get it to playback the conversation with my voice in it. I'm not sure if this is a glitch or if I just misunderstood how "Play It!" works. Is the point of this test not to record the conversation while you role play as one of the characters and listen to it again?


I have noticed the same thing. The main value I see in "Play It" is that it helps you learn the dialog and forces you to respond in real time.


Any chance either of you have written to Rocket about this? I just did.... will be waiting a couple of days and hoping for a response...


Try hitting the play button on a sentence. Then right mouse click on the red record button. Then check out what the privacy settings are for Adobe Flash. The default is for it to deny access to your microphone. Change that to "allow" and tell it to remember you. I did that recently so that it would stop asking me for permission and now, it appears, the "Play It" is now actually recording me and I can now play it back.

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