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I have downloaded the latest version of the Rocket Languages app on my android device. At first I was so excited to finally have a portable way to do my lessons.. I used the various testing tools (Hear It, Write It... etc) and the buttons became green (which means I have successfully done the tests) BUT when I logged on to my computer account, all the work I had done on my phone did not show up, and I had to redo it all.. :( I'm really disappointed with the app.. I think its a really good idea and I hope that there will be a new update.


Hi Nik, Thank you for your post and for your feedback about the app, it is much appreciated. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused. Currently, in order for your progress to be synchronised after using the app, you have to logout and back in again. We are working on a fix for this, and will release an update once it's been completed. I hope this helps. Please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support team if you have any further questions or comments. All the best!


Thank you for the kind response! The new app update works excellently.


Hi RJ Developers, The Rocket Japanese App on the iPhone is not very stable. For example, when I perform rating (testing) of Lesson 18.6 on Particles showing Conjunction of RJ Platinum. The app takes a very long time to respond to a rating and very often it closes and throw me out of the app. Please investigate this issue. Thank you.

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