Survival Kit Audio Way Too Loud


The audio on the survival kit is about 10 times louder than everything else. I just about blew my eardrums when I clicked play on a word just now.


Not an admin, and certainly haven't gone through all the audios, but it sounds exactly the same to me.  Are you sure you haven't changed your audio settings somehow?


Nope, at the same volume settings the survival kit is way louder than the other stuff.

toru e

Ah, I see...or hear...what haneybd87 is talking about. It's not the recorded dialogue/lesson on the Survival Kit, it's the individual snippets of recorded audio. It's definitely amplified.

Come to think of it, this also happens in the French Survival Kit excerpts (maybe twice as loud), but because the speakers were different from the regular audio lesson speakers, I just figured it was inherent in the recording of the module.

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