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Hello, I'm looking for a dictionary, any suggestions on which one should I get?, my major interest are the verbs. Thanks.


If you're looking for an online one, then is a great one :)


I agree with コッド. Jisho is probably the best online dictionary. It will even let you look up kanji! However, if you want a hard-copy dictionary, Kodansha's editions are good too. If you have the money, you could also buy a Sharp Papyrus (running around $80-100 US$$) or similar electronic dictionary.


Thanks for the answers コッド and すごいマンゴ, I appreciated.


Jisho is great, but it can sometimes flood you with too many archaic or unnecessary words, so it might be handy to check the 'common words only' box. If your major interest is in verbs, there's a Kodansha Verb Handbook, which covers both usage of verbs, as well as a pretty nifty common verb glossary. Electronic dictionaries are great, but can vary on capability and price. There is iirc a Kanji dictionary for Nintendo DS which got good reviews.


Anyone know of a good Spanish English dictionary?

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