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so i am early on in the Japanese courses, im on 1.5-1.9 and im getting quiz questions about what certain kanji characters mean. is there a way for me to study this? up to this point i have no knowledge on kanji so i have just been getting them wrong. am i missing something? is there a section for me to learn these kanji characters that im just missing?


Kanji lessons start in Writing Module 5 so I don't know why kanji questions appear before then. I would let Rocket support know and hopefully they will update the quizzes.


There are some Kanji in Writing Lessons 1.10 and 1.12.  I didn't look any farther, but maybe in other lessons before Module 5 as well.  Then in the Vocabulary, they often have the Kanji words, too.  


There is still the matter of writing modules being numbered in a way that makes it seem like they should be done after the language and culture lessons. 


That does make sense, doesn't it?


you get use an app to learn some kanji
or you could buy flashcards


There's also a Kanji learning paid site at  I've learned lots from there, but it does take some time to do every day.

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