In the Japanese "around the house" lesson, there is Ni-Eru-Dī-Kē and it seems Eru mean in this case, area. May you confirm this ? Why Eru is positionned there ?
Thank you


toru e

Hi Abgueguen, this is just the real estate convention for : # of bedrooms, Living room, Dining room, Kitchen, so the form is always #LDK (in this order). If it is a one bedroom with no kitchen, then it becomes: 一LD. If it's a studio with no bedroom, then just LDK.

So 二LDK means two bedroom apartment with living room, dining room and kitchen.


Yes, but why "eru"?

toru e

"Eru" is how the Japanese phonetically pronounce the letter "L" using their native syllabary as an approximation of the sound: エ [e] ル [ru]. Since the "el" sound/syllable for saying "L" doesn't exist in Japanese, the closest approximation is this e-ru combination sound, so that's what they use/pronounce. 

By the way, the L/R sound is a merged approximation of the ら/ラ・り/リ・る/ル・れ/レ・ろ/ロ voicing/sound, but it's actually neither. "L"/エル has more of a very slight, transitory "d" sound, so it's more like "e-du" sound rather than a strong "R" sound.


Thanks a lot. This is clear now

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