Forum Rocket Japanese Japanese Vocab Translation for (a horse) was 'spooked', or 'bolted'?

Translation for (a horse) was 'spooked', or 'bolted'?


I can dig translations for startled, frightened, reared (up) etc out of the dictionary; but 'spooked' and 'bolt' are more difficult. Riders often say their horse was 'spooked' by something, it is common riding slang. This means the horse reacted to something with surprise or fright & became hard to control, maybe it reared or bolted (ran away). Does anyone know how to translate it into Japanese? 'The horse was spooked by the flapping flag.....' (whatever.) And how about 'The horse bolted' (ie ran away out of control.)? (I ride.)


Use "odokasu", which means "to startle, to surprise". So "Batabata shite ita hata ni uma wo odokaseta." for "the horse was spooked by a flapping flag". I imagine that for "to bolt" you could use "hashiru" or one of its synonyms.


Thanks. Im not sure if 'hashiru' would be 'bolt' - 'bolt' is not just 'run', it has a strong element of 'out of control of the rider'. Again 'spook' implies not just that the horse was surprised, but that it became hard to control - quite likely bolted! I guess I need to find a Japanese horse rider to answer these, very specific vocabulary. This site was good for many words, but not these: I've has similar issues with some of my other silly hobbies where the vocabulary is hard to find, things like けいきひこう and けいきひこうほうしきによるひこう. I have flown in Japan, Cessna 172 from Fukui, (whose flying club were extremely hospitable) ATC was in English....sort of..... :-) It might have been easier in Japanese I think!

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