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Clarification on Honorifics and Politeness



Hi guys!
I wanted to make some tips on Honorifics!
First, some people make mistake of using Honorifics to oneself
EX: A is older than B
A: 전 밥을 드셧어요. (I ate[hon])
This is wrong. Even if you are older than the person you are talking to, it is wrong to use honorifics to yourself.
Second, Respectable way. In Korean, putting 요(yo) at the end of phrase is way to be polite or respectable. However, many people think this is heavily related with age.
In Korea, you cannot be totally comfortable with person just because the person is younger than you.
  1. If you are working
  2. If you are unfamiliar with the person
  3. If you are among old enough people
You still need to use Honorifics or at least have to be polite by using 요 even if you know the person is younger than you.  

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