Femenine and Masculine Speech


Hi, I just wanted to know if there exists a form of speech only for male or females? In Japanese I know they have feminine and masculine speech and since Japanese grammar is similar to Korean, I wonder if this is the same in Korean too. Thanks


Hi Jacky W, Thanks for the question. There are no differences in speech for males and females in Korean. Which is great because it's less you have to learn! :) - Sujung


Hi it's me lima in cambodia, i would like to request Rocket Korean that: if in this website have a chat box with friiend in learning here or chat with you there it's may the great way for practise in Korean studying.

Jeremy V

@ loh lima post your thoughts on feedback and comments


Hi Lima, Thanks for your feedback! Like Jeremy said, you can post any suggestions in the Feedback and Comments forum here: http://members.rocketlanguages.com/your-community/feedback-and-comments We have had a few requests for chatting with other members - as far as I know we are planning to make it possible to communicate between members. Hope that helps!

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