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Korean Music


What are some popular songs in Korea? Who are the most popular singers? What kind of music are Koreans listening to?


Hi Wren, It really depends on the age group and personal taste, but most young people are into K-Pop music. There are many "idol" girl and boy groups such as BEAST, U-KISS, MISS A, and so on. You will be able to find their songs and also most polular songs by searching them through other websites such as youtube. I hope this helps.


k-pop being internationally not only for young Korean


Hello guys,

Music really depend on person's taste.

For example I really like Korean Hip-hop, and it is not popular internationally.
I like artists like Beenzino, Illionaire, AMOG(JAY PARK, LOCO), SWINGS, PALOALTO,

If I have to speak for other people, 
generally, young people (10~ 25) like well known K-Pop Idol groups. However, although they make most money, and are very well known internationally, People from age 30 and above are not really big fan of Idol music. 

It is really hard to say since there are so many genres in Music.

If you can tell me what kind of music you like, I can recommend you some artists



I have gotten into kpop and other genres, so it is up to whatever your tastes are.


Yeah, that's exactly it, 

it is hard to recommend music because it is really up to one's taste!


Does anyone know good korean rock bands or what would fall more on the "North American alternative music" side of things?

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