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Korean Tutor: Recommended Korean Entertainment Shows



Hi guys! 

Since many people are interested in Korean shows, I put few lists for the shows I like.

Let me know if you want to know more!

무한도전(Infinite Challenge) – MBC
Undoubtedly one of most famous entertainment show in Korea shown in channel MBC. They do variety of things, and always try new things for the show.
런닝맨(running man) – SBS
Another strong entertainment show in Korea. It is shown in channel SBS, and it is very popular in Asia. Every episode, there are new guests, and they compete in terms of race and other mini-games.
1박2일(1Night 2Days) – KBS
During its early launch, it was best entertainment show in Korea(even more viewers than 무한도전). However, it had some trouble in the middle. Nowadays, people are beginning to watch it again. I highly recommend this show for Korean learners because the format of this show is about traveling Korea. They will travel to a place and stay 1Night and 2Days. It introduces beautiful places in Korea, and many Korean cultural traditions as they are always involved with civilians.
더지니어스 1, 2, 3, 그랜드파이널 (The Genius 1, 2, 3, Grand Final) – TV-N
It’s a competition show in channel Tv-N. As the title suggest, the participants compete their intelligence with other people. Every round, one person is eliminated until there is only one person left. It is noted that series 1, 3 and Grand Final are good, and 2 is regarded as the worst of the series.
It’s a detective entertainment shows. The participants role-play as one of the character in the actual incident, and they are trying to catch the criminal. It is like, they are playing the game of MAFIA, with certain roles and rules to follow.
Give me feedback! Let me know the genre or type of shows you want! Then I will post it for you!


How do I find most of those channels, just go online?


Hello Heather, 

I am not exactly sure where you live, but if you cannot purchase Korean channels,
than the only option is online.

What I mean by purchase is there are some companies that handles internet TV channels. They would install a setup box to your tv, and it would allow you to watch Korean tv channels just like in Korea, but it would use internet rather than tv-cable


Yeah, I think charter does that not but I am not sure. I found some good online as well. 


Hello Heather!

I'm making this post for you and all the other people who are interested in Korean tv-shows.

There is one website that is particularly good for watching korean shows online. I use it when I am traveling abroad for work(when I am not in Korea).

However, this website is in Korean, but the concept of the site is very simple so I'll put some explanation also

just search 'baykoreans' in google.

when you go to the website, there are many tabs on the left.

방영드라마 means Korean drama that is currently showing (not live, like it is still on-going shows)
종영 드라마 means Korean dramas that are already finished

예능/오락 is a section for entertainment shows

시사/교양 is educational or documentary type shows

영화 is movie

애니메이션 is animation

스포츠 is sports

For movie and below, it is not a very good website, but for Korean dramas and entertainments shows, this is definitely one of the best website as they post shows on daily basis from many channels (including cable channels I have posted before).

However, the trick is to know the name of the shows in Korean, so you can search the shows when you enter the tab.

Also, it is good to know when they are aired in Korea, since they make post with dates on it

For example, if there is a show called (just for example) 'superman' [슈퍼맨]
It would be posted, "092715 슈퍼맨" meaning Sep 27, 2015 Superman.

So if you are okay with searching Korean shows in Korean, definitely use this website!

If you are uncomfortable with this website, let me know and I'll do more searching to see if there is good website in English, but I can guarantee you this is the best website for Korean dramas and Entertainment shows, no doubt!

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