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Korean Tutor: Very useful tips on Korean internet!



Hello guys!

I will talk about some really good internet tips to use when you dealing with anything related to Korea!

1. Search Engines

There are just two major search engines in Korea.
a) Naver
b) Daum

Naver pretty much dominates the Korean search engine market, but Daum have few features that keeps it going. Simply put, Naver is like google. It provides many tools to help people, and almost all Koreans use it.

Daum has a feature called Daum Cafe which is like personal blog (more like have the features of both website and blog). 

I highly recommend people to use Naver once you get use to Hangul. It has enormous bloggers who post valuable information on every possible subject. 

It just has so much features (maps, road finder, taxi fee calculator, subway calculator, bus locations... so on) that would make foreigners adjust to Korea (if you ever visit).

2. Messenger
Long time ago, Majority of Koreans used website called Cyworld, which is like facebook. However, most people use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter like the rest of the world. However, when it comes to SmartPhone messenger, almost everyone in Korea use Kakaotalk (which is like Line, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger). There are people who use other messengers, but that does not mean they do not use Kakaotalk. LTE coverage in Korea is extremely good, and people rarely use text anymore, everyone uses Kakaotalk.

3. Internet Speed and fee
Korea definitely has one of the fastest internet in the world. Download speed at the moment reaches almost 100mb/sec on very basic setup. Internet fee is around 30,000 Korean one, but it can change depending on what plan one uses. 

4. Use of torrent
Torrent is strictly prohibited in Korea. You are pretty safe with downloading foreign content, but if you are torrenting Korean content(music, movie, novel, drama and so on) while in Korea, you could get in to some trouble. Of course, it is very hard to catch torrenters, but if you get caught you could get into serious trouble. 

5. Use of Smartphone. 
If you are planning to travel to Korea, understand that your cellphone can become super handy. You could link your credit card with your phone and use it as almost anything (transportation card, credit card), so you dont really need to carry cards anywhere. Also, usage of credit card is very convenient in Korea, and you almost do not need to carry cash unless you plan to travel to countryside.

Please let me know if there is specific topic that you want to know more, or something that is not listed in this post. 

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