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Learning Korean Culture and Travel Through Shows


What Korean shows do you watch? Do you want to visit certain places because of the show? I really like watching the show Running Man. Aside from the hilarious interactions, fun games, and famous guests, I find that it can be quite informational, especially if you want to learn more about Korean culture and travel. They usually visit interesting locations, many of them are rich with history. I have a list of museums, restaurants, and other locations I would like to visit just from watching the show.


Boys Over Flowers!


Best bet is a tour agency and they can put together a custom tour for you, but you may miss out on some pretty spectacular places like Cheju Island if you base it off only the shows. Also some really good dramas are Chuno, Coffee Prince, To The Beautiful You, Rooftop Prince...most can be found on Hulu Plus or DramaFever.


Queen Seon Duk, not exactly a show but you can find it online.


One of my favorite shows is City Hunter. It's kind of a Robin Hood/Arrow type of show.


Baek Dong Soo - Period drama. Lots of good fight scenes. Who are you? - A cop who survives an attack and wakes up after a coma with the ability to see ghosts. Secret Garden - Body switching romance story. You can actually pick up some things on Korean culture by watching it as well, which it seems like you're into. If you like singing, Dream High (the first one) or Monstar would probably be to your liking. Iris is good if you like shows like 24. I Miss You is something you'd enjoy if you are into the dark, I want to cry, punch someone, and slit my wrists all at the same time shows. There are lots of good ones out there. Enjoy.


So many good shows to watch. The classics include Boys over flowers, Coffee Prince and the like. I watched City Hunter, Personal Taste, Dream High 1 and 2, Secret Garden and am currently watching Big. We Got Married is also a good reality show, in addition to Running Man. The shows of course feature some great scenery. Jeju Island is one of those places that I have been fortunate to visit in the past. Also, the Trick Art Museum seems to be a place that many dramas frequent (or at least that I've seen). There are locations of that museum in Seoul and also Jeju and they make for great backdrops for pictures, if you're into that stuff.


it is so fun to watch Korean shows and dreams and the good thing is not that long as in other languages


Yes, I also folow Running Man. The show and the members are really funny, but also Korean historical dramas hint very historic places in Korea. In these days beside RM İ've been watching Shine or Go Crazy it is really good history drama


Hello guys,

It seems like many of you only state Korean shows played in the major channel.

However, some cable channels are making really good tv-shows and dramas that do not follow typical Korean drama trend.

I highly recommend tv-shows or dramas from channel TV-N and JTBC. 

They make really good drama and entertainment shows.

Feel free to ask more specific questions about this answer!


Hi, yeah I am pretty curious what they have on other channels. Do you recommend anything in particular?


Hello Michael, 

Let me break down some major channels for you

first there are few mainstream Channels


SBS, KBS, MBC are the oldest mainstream channels, they air every kind of television shows, but they also have heavy restrictions. 
Most major Korean entertainment shows and dramas are made by these channels.

EBS is the major Korean channel that solely focuses on education. 

Now, let me talk about channels that people are not familiar with,
YTN - The biggest news channel in Korea.

Mnet - kind of like a MTV for Korea. It hosts its own music shows, and also have many entertainment shows like SUPERSTAR K, VOICE Korea, Show Me The Money, and so on.

TVn - it is a channel that mainly focuses on entertainment shows and drama. They had many really good success in drama with very different story lines, since they are more flexible to regulations. They also have very good entertainment shows like COMEDY BIG LEAGUE, and THE GENIUS series.

Olivetv - it's a channel that focuses on food and beauty.

JTBC - Another strong channel that focuses on entertainment shows and drama, but it is mainly known for it's talk(debate) based entertainment shows.

There are quite more channels if you search, and each channel have very distinctive characteristics.
The major channels in Korea are good, but it is also true that they seem to follow same pattern for long time, and have very strict regulations, so I hope people will see this post, and try out some other Korean shows!.

Please let me know if you have further questions!


I do love Korean dramas! I do love the suggestions for other channels to watch.


It is nice to hear that!

Just let me know if you want to get more information!

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