Packing for February Until June!


I am traveling to Seoul for a semester abroad! I know that it is Winter in February and I heard it gets pretty cold, and then by June it is hot and humid. I am limiting myself to one carry on and one suitcase. I am concerned about what to bring, because I heard something about deodorant being hard to find there, and I always tend to over pack. I need help figuring out what the essentials are and any tips for maximizing the use of the clothing I bring! Also, any other tips would be awesome. I am a 19 year old female, and I am into fashion and am planning to buy some clothes in Korea, so I want to bring as practical and functional yet stylish options as possible. Thank you so much!


Wow your lucky! Should be a great experience! I like to travel light. Maybe buy most of your clothes in Korea, since your into fashion? Anyway YouTube user ROK On! has some good tips:


Thank you Michael C198, this video was really helpful!


sounds like a lot of fun. have fun!


I don't know if this tip is a little late, but when I travel to a place that has dynamic weather I bring clothes to layer. Have your clothes for warm weather and then bring some items that you can put over those for the colder weather. Also, when I studied abroad some of the other students bought so much that they mailed a box of clothes home. Postage can get expensive so look up prices before you do something like that.


I was married in Seoul in March, and I recommend at least a sweater and a heavy coat.


Depending on where you stay you may also want to get yourself a power adapter. In Korea, they use a two prong plug that has round endings. South Korea uses 220V power so having an adapter can be useful to charge your laptop, phone, and other devices you may need when first getting setup. Also, some cell phone providers have plans that let you use your phone in Korea internationally without having to worry about higher rates and what not. I'd call your provider and see if you qualify. For example, I know t-mobile has something like that. If not, there are like little convenience store shops in the airport (GS something or other) that sell Korean sim cards you can get to put in your phone so you can make calls and what not from a Korean number. There's plenty of wi-fi around Korea though so you don't really need to be concerned about it, but some people like being connected.


Oh, also. If you are big into sites like netflix and hulu, you can't access those sites over there. So bring some discs or put some shows on your hard drive if you so desire.


Eat Your Kimchi on YouTube offers some practical tips for traveling to Korea. Check it out!


Hi Christine! I am going to Seoul in February also! I will be teaching English. I live in Florida and am also anxious about the cold weather. Good luck with your semester abroad!

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