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Places to visit before going to Korea


What if where you live there are no Korean speakers?


Hello Heather!!

It would help if you have Korean around you to help you out, but if you do not have any, do not worry!

I will make few suggestions

1. Use our Forum!
Learn Korean, and make friends with people who are also willing to learn Korean to get more information about Korea!

2. Use Facebook!
use social websites like Facebook or Instagram to make Korean friends online!

3. Watch Korean shows
When I was learning English, Playing video games or watching tv series or movies in English greatly improved my English skills. I made some suggestion about Korean tv-shows in the forum, please check it out and let me know if you have specific taste for tv-shows.

Do not be let down even if there are no Koreans around you, there are many tools online to help any problem you face!

Let me know if you have more question!



I did not know if the question was about traveling to Korea or learning Korean,

but If you are planning to travel to Korea, the above suggestions would still apply!


It is about both, but I am not going to Korea anytime soon. I love those suggestions you gave me except I don't do Facebook or Instagram. I was wondering about penpaling? I love the my forum and Korean shows.


I do have some Korean friends use penpal, and I think it is good idea. 

Just stay active with your forum and tv-shows!


I will, but is there a website you recommend for penpaling?


Hello Heather, 

To be honest, I am not familiar with penpaling websites.

What I can tell you is that, majority of Koreans are using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

I think one of those would be a better choice than a penpaling website in my opinion.

But if you really cannot or do not use any of the three, let me know then I'll try to search online or ask my friends about penpaling


I might try Twitter or Instagram, but I just don't do Facebook for personal reasons. Would you please just in case see if there is a penpaling website. I looked them up and the first things that popped up were dating websites. I would rather make friends right now than date. Also, I want to make sure I get to know my Hangul alphabet before I start making friends online anyway. Thanks.


Hello Heather, 

I have searched online (I can't get hold of some of my friends who told me they were penpaling.... ) and I found three websites that had decent reviews

1. interpal
2. students of the world.
3. shared talk

From what I can see from the site, and reviews, it doesn't seem to be a dating site.

and there are many reviews by Koreans that they like using these sites to talk to non-Koreans to improve their English!

Try it out, and let me know if they are not your style, then I'll do more searching!

Jeremy V

if you looking for a pen pal I would definitely recommend using

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