Becoming fluent?


Ola, I've learned Spanish to a high intermediate level, but don't really feel a cultural connection to anything. I feel it's very useful here in the US and I have a chance to use it often. I don't desire it like I desire Portuguese though. I do feel like I have something in common with Brazilian culture. I like Brazilian jiu jitsu, Capoeira, I love the music, Afro connections, and the language just sounds incredible. I really want to become fluent. I'm just wondering without living in likely is that? I'm using Rocket Portuguese of course, a grammar book, and a Brazilian friend by skype. I also watch Brazilian movies, music, etc. Obrigado


Hi Dominic, You are on the right way and you don't need to live there to become fluent, just be patient and study hard. Até logo :) Tereza

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