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Portuguese Grammar

Grannar Guide for Portuguese Rocket Portuguese

Hi. I have Rocket Spanish Levels i, 11, III. One Of the things I found very helpful was having the grammar books. Are their plans to do a beginners grammar and an advanced level grammar book for the Portuguese course like the Spanish course. Also are they looking at releasing any more levels. Thanks

1 reply - Last post by Rocket-Languages -
Apr 9, 2017


hi guys, could someone tell me which tenses are the most important to know by hard, when you start studying Portugese?  thanks in advance !

0 replies - Last post by cnp -
Nov 16, 2016

Pronunciation question!

I am having so much trouble pronouncing the ão diphthong, even after listening to native speakers pronounce it! For example, I have so much trouble saying my friend João's name. Does anyone have a resource or suggestion for learning how to do this sound? Thank you so much!

1 reply - Last post by Tereza-P -
Jan 19, 2015

do que camparisons

when is it proper to use do que and is it always necessary in this context or optional?

1 reply - Last post by Tereza-P -
Jan 5, 2015



2 replies - Last post by Tereza-P -
Sep 8, 2014

Articles with proper names

I have noticed that there are sometimes articles before proper names (such as, A Brittany). If you're writing a sentence in Portuguese and the subject is a proper noun, do you use an article? Por exemplo: A Brittany é uma professora. Brittany é uma professora. Which is correct? Thank you!

3 replies - Last post by Tereza-P -
Aug 5, 2014

Articles and prepositions

I've noticed in the lessons that Portuguese articles and prepositions all reflect the gender what it is referring to. I am halfway through the program, and still super confused about this. Can you please list the most common articles and prepositions, along with the corresponding gender and...

5 replies - Last post by Tereza-P -
Jun 5, 2014

translation of message

Hello, I would like to reply to message and wrote in Potruguese the following lines: ============================================ Hi Maria, I am grandson of Vojtech Hron, he was brother of Ladislav Hron. I would like to know more about my uncle Ladislav. I will write you an email in...

1 reply - Last post by Tereza-P -
May 14, 2014

correct pronounciation Como está

I am on my first lesson and already have a question. When "Como está" is pronounced what I hear is: (phonetically in english): Comb Shta Should I actually be saying an O sound after Comb and do I need to have quick eh sound before Shta? When I say it after the male speaker I can imitate it...

5 replies - Last post by Rocket-Languages -
May 8, 2014

Little words

In the phrase "qual é a sua profissão?", what is the meaning and importance of the "a" after "é"?

1 reply - Last post by Tereza-P -
Nov 13, 2013

The "o" before "que"

In lesson 1.3 the question "Com o que?" And "O que você quer?" Confuse me. What is the purpose of the "o" in both theses sentences?

1 reply - Last post by Tereza-P -
Oct 23, 2013

how i learn portuguese ?

how i learn portuguese ?

9 replies - Last post by Tereza-P -
Feb 23, 2013

how i learn portuguese ?

how i learn portuguese ?

5 replies - Last post by Tereza-P -
Dec 19, 2012


How can we say in Portuguese? How do you feel now? Do you feel good or bad? Thank you

1 reply - Last post by Tereza-P -
Jul 13, 2012

Saying hello in Portuguese

Are there different ways of saying hello in Portuguese? Is it too informal to say “Oi” when greeting someone I haven’t met before?

6 replies - Last post by Sami-Zaki -
Jul 6, 2012

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