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Neighboring countries speaking Russian?



Hello, can you tell me the names all neighboring countries of Russia that speak Russian so I can practice my Russian language skills if I visit  someday?  Thank you.

Evgenia - Rocket Russian Tutor

Evgenia - Rocket Russian Tutor

Здравствуйте, MichaelW157


Russian is the official language in the Russian Federation. However, there are also 35 official regional languages spoken in various parts of Russia, such as in Tyva, Sakha, Altai, Dagestan, Chechnya, etc. 

In some neigbouring countries, like, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan and Tajikistan, Russian is recognised as an official language along with their own national languages. 

In other neigbouring countries, like Armenia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, Russian is not an official language but is understood and spoken in varying degrees by 30% to 50% of the population.

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