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I was wondering if someone would like to share a few common Russian words that are homophones? Specifically, words without similar meanings. Words like есть more so than words like язык. Not to say that the tongue in your mouth and the language you speak aren't different things but the word tongue already signifies both things in English, so it is easy enough to grasp.

I am also curious if there are any homograph/heteronyms in Russian like the English tear(from the eye) and tear(to rip). It doesn't seem that there would be but why not ask?

Спасибо, пока пока.


Natalya - Tutor

Здравствуй, David!
Thank you for your interesting question.
In Russian homophones are called: омофоны, and homographs are: омографы. 
There are lots of them and you can find some examples of омографы and омофоны here:ОмографыПриложение:Омофоны

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