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Yo estoy aprendendo rapido, y gusto mucho los lecciones. (Pero es possivel que necessito uno o dos mas lecciones....) 1.Hay en Rocket Espanol uno diccionario para a interpretar las idiomas y palavras? 2. Puedes recomendar algunos sitios web a donde puedo practicar a leer historias y programas...

2 replies - Last post by RPrimeau -
May 13, 2010

Rocket Spanish Platinum

Hola, I recently purchased Rocket Spanish Platinum but am unable to print the conversation transcripts or coallate them into a word document for printing. Does anyone know if there is a plan to put them in to PDF format so they can be downloaded and taken somwhere to be printed. Gracias, Robert

1 reply - Last post by Antonio -
Apr 26, 2010

Plus + Platinum

Hola :) I have recently purchased Rocket Spanish Premium, and I was just wondering if there is any chance that premium members can get a trial of the Plus package or the Platinum package before purchasing them? Also, I am a little too nervous to spend too much more money purchasing these...

1 reply - Last post by Mauricio -
Apr 19, 2010

Listeneing to Rocket Spanish on iPhone

You put the Interactive Audio Lessons on QuickTime so they will play on the iPhone if I select the alternate player. Will you not put the Language and Culture clips on QuickTime also? I don’t have the time to sit in front of my desktop computer to learn Spanish. That’s why I abandoned...

7 replies - Last post by nohablo -
Apr 7, 2010

cursos en espanol

?Hay lugares en Mexico que se puede tomar cursos en espanol?

1 reply - Last post by Mauricio -
Mar 29, 2010

MegaSpanish vocab game?

Hola!! I was just doing the MegaSpanish vocab game. Its says "choose the correct *Italian* word". As I said I'm doing Spanish so why does it say the Italian word? I reconize most of the words as Spanish, but am just wondering what's going on????? Thanks!!!!

1 reply - Last post by Antonio -
Feb 26, 2010

Spanish schools Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

I'm going to the Lake Atitlan region in Guatemala to study Spanish this Feb thru March. Has anyone attended any of the schools in the Lake Atitlan region? I'm trying to decide between schools in San Marcos and San Pedro. Any suggestions? Thanks John

1 reply - Last post by pedropedro -
Jan 14, 2010


I'm planning to go to Guatemala in Jan. I hope to stay entre 2.5-3months. I have been studying spanish for little less than 9 months, and I feel as though I'm started to "speed up" at this point so I'm hoping by Jan. I will be capable, although certainly not fluent. That being said, I have...

4 replies - Last post by Bellboa -
Jan 11, 2010

information not being saved

I am using the Premium download version and my information is not being saved. For example, on the "Your Course" page, it is not showing the sections that I have completed. The "Your Account" section does not seem to update properly either. Also, the user name I have used...

2 replies - Last post by liza1 -
Dec 19, 2009

Speaking Spanish "on the road"....

Just got back from a trip to Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama. I had a great time and I used my Spanish as much as possible. I would say that I had varying degrees of success communicating with the locals in Spanish. There were times when I never needed to resort to English at all (hotels, taxis,...

7 replies - Last post by Emli -
Nov 3, 2009


We are going to Ecuador soon. We will be starting in Quito and traveling south ending in San Clamente on the ocean. Any words of wisdom . Thanks Wayne K

0 replies - Last post by knocke -
Oct 11, 2009

Where do I get/find the learner's manuals, mega cards, etc

Help please! I'm new to Rocket Spanish and when I purchased the first level it just gave me the link to my account online here. When I go to my course all I find are the audio lessons and quizes. Can anyone tell me where to find the books, meaga cards, vocab list, mega games, and everything...

3 replies - Last post by KingsDaughter -
Sep 18, 2009

Argentine Voseo

I was planning to go to Argentina and Uruguay and found out they speak a different form of Spanish called [url=]Voseo[/url:2bop1g5n]. Does anyone know if Rocket Spanish has software to learn that dialect? It has a different second person tense, so...

4 replies - Last post by nohablo -
Aug 30, 2009

Project on Argentina

Hola :D I am currently doing a project for my Travel and Tourism class and since I'm interested in Spanish, I chose a Spanish counrty =P We have to plan a trip to our chosen counrty and have 2-3 excursions during that trip and then we present our "dream vacation" to our class....

1 reply - Last post by ronellevan -
Aug 30, 2009

Going to South America

Hi, I'm traveling to Argentina towards the end of the year and I was wondering If you could recommend some spots I could visit. I'm going to be staying in Buenos Aires so not too far from that spot. Cheers guys.

7 replies - Last post by ronellevan -
Aug 30, 2009

What happened to MegaCards?

I notice that there's been an update to the audio lessons -- instead of bars for the conversation in Spanish, the conversation in English, and Notes, there's a tabbed interface, and there's a better player interface. That looks good. In that change, however, it appears that MegaCards was...

3 replies - Last post by wmm -
Aug 25, 2009

Newsletters where

I bought the interactive course in 2007, but now that I want to review it, I cannot find the newsletters 1-5. I have no.s 6-10 (no. 6 is "how to tell time in Spanish", newsmem/0675 - for an example). I think these written instructions are very good so I would like to print the first 5...

0 replies - Last post by preben -
Jul 17, 2009

Mega Games will not run

Everytime I try to use the Mega games, the program crashes saying "Macromedia projector has encountered a problem and needs to close" I have tried updating flash and quicktime, and running in compatability mode, but to no avail. Has anyone else here encountered this problem? Or have...

3 replies - Last post by Antonio -
Jun 23, 2009

Is there anyone else here from the UK?

Hello Everyone I've joined this forum today and have been studying spanish for a little while, I've just downloaded Rocket Spanish and look forward to enjoying the course I'd love to chat to other students on the phone for encouragement every now and again i I have many books, cd's and...

6 replies - Last post by leeallen -
May 15, 2009

Help with Downloaded Files

I downloaded all of lesson 1 and 2 yesterday 5/09 and now my computer tells me those files have been deleted or moved from my download file when I try to open them, but everything I downloaded today I can still open.....where did they go???

0 replies - Last post by monkat79 -
May 10, 2009

Mastering What You Learn

I think the biggest mistake people make when learning a foreign language is that they want to move too quickly - in other words, they want to move to lesson 2 before they've mastered lesson 1. I learned Arabic as a second language and remember all too well the frustration of not being able to...

5 replies - Last post by nohablo -
Apr 10, 2009

Burning Audio to CD

When i purchased this course it had stated that I would be able to download onto an mp3 to take with me, but I am attempting to burn the lessons to CD. Does anyone know if this is possible. Once the CD is finished and I try to play it it does not work. Maybe due to copyright reasons?? I do...

3 replies - Last post by nohablo -
Apr 10, 2009

Crazy Question

... but why does it say "Rocket Chinese" at the top of our forum? I thought I was truly losing my mind at first...

2 replies - Last post by Loriann -
Apr 6, 2009

Download frustration

Help! Help! Help! I am so frustrated, can anyone assist me? I purchased the "downloadable" course on Sunday and have yet to be successful in accessing any of the material permanently. Parameters: Dial Up connection, both MSN and Internet Explorer programs. It takes me approximately...

6 replies - Last post by Antonio -
Mar 23, 2009

Study In Spain

Hi, my name is Darren. I am a 39yo Australian and I have recently decided to take a year of work and do some travel and learn Spanish. I have been looking at doing this through the don Quijote organisation in Spain. Has anybody already had experience with this organisation? If so, were they...

3 replies - Last post by mark-english -
Jan 26, 2009

Newbee Question re: Navigating Thru Site

A few days ago, I purchased the downloaded version of Level I and II, and am copying the various sections. I also just ordered the $29.99 2-disc set and something funny happened after I received my acknowledgement "e-mail"--it jumped to Level II. And, since I am rather old and slow...

1 reply - Last post by Antonio -
Jan 15, 2009

Audio Download Question

Kind of PC stupid, When I download the audio since it is in MP3 format and burn them to a CD, I need to have an MP3 player? I don't guess I can just pop it into the car CD player and it work? Thanks

7 replies - Last post by DaveG -
Jan 9, 2009

Problem Running Mac OS X version of Games

Downloaded everything and un-Stuffed the OS X version of the games. When I attempt to launch the software by double clicking Rocket Spanish.osx, I get an Applescript error about "unable to read the dictionary of this application because it is not scriptable". I'm on the latest...

7 replies - Last post by theYiffer -
Dec 16, 2008

Teaching English in Mexico

Hi, I downloaded Rocket Spanish a couple of weeks ago and have surprised myself with how much I am retaining (as opposed to a classroom course I did many years ago). I plan to visit Mexico on vacation AND business within the next year or 2. I would also someday like to teach English there. I...

1 reply - Last post by Antonio -
Nov 30, 2008

Mega Cards ?

Are the mega cards that are pdf the same as the Mega spanish games? I just did not want to download them and print them out if so....Thanks in advance :D

1 reply - Last post by Barbara1 -
Oct 20, 2008

How to use the Course Components

I purchased Rocket Spanish I and II about 2 weeks ago. I printed out all the materials and am getting ready to "dive in" next week But, I'm not sure how/what sequence to use all the course components. Do I start by listening to the Beginner Audio Files ? When do I listen to the...

1 reply - Last post by Antonio -
Oct 11, 2008

Lesson 5.2 Error?

On page 83, it says "reunión familiar." Is this right, or should it be familia? Thanks, Greg

1 reply - Last post by Barbara1 -
Sep 15, 2008

Audio lessons printed out

Hola, Como estas? I just purchased Rocket Spanish this weekend and have been totally enjoying learning Spanish using the audio lessons. Tonight, I hope to begin incorporating more visual studying and bookwork into my studies along with the audio lessons. Is it possible to print out the...

1 reply - Last post by Antonio -
Aug 5, 2008

beg. book lesson 1.4 and newsletter #3

I do not understand how to do exercise 1 in the newsletter #3. Also, in the example for exercise 2 it says "usted" is "You (polite, plural). I thought "usted" would be "You (polite, singular)?

1 reply - Last post by nohablo -
Aug 4, 2008

Accent marks

I have just started the lessons and I am wondering about the accent marks. This seems very important, but I haven't seen anything on here about how to produce them. I have found that certain ALT key/number pad combinations will produce them so I have printed a chart, but that seems very...

2 replies - Last post by Mauricio -
Jul 21, 2008

Learn Spanish in Mexico

If you are serious about learning Spanish. The Spanish Institute of Puebla is a highly regarded Spanish Language School in Mexico. Just received the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) - Education 2007 award of Educational Excellence, has been nominated...

0 replies - Last post by spanish11 -
Jun 11, 2008


I rue the day I ever got Vista. A lot of programs don't work with it. RS installed and works fine, but a lot of the books use Adobe Acrobat, which doesn't work so fine. Has anyone come up with a solution for this? Ha! Thank you Rocket Spanish. You have motivated me to find a solution...

0 replies - Last post by Bubba -
May 31, 2008

hasta la vista

I don't know about the rest of you, but I really want to put "baby" on the end of this one :D

1 reply - Last post by Bubba -
May 31, 2008

Hello: New to RS and a quick question....

Just wanted to say Hola to everyone out there. We are taking Spanish together as a family. Someone told me that to speed up the process we should only speak Spanish at home. In other words, if we know how to say something in Spanish, say it in Spanish. This makes sense for several reasons...

3 replies - Last post by Bubba -
May 31, 2008

Studying Spanish in Antigua, Guatemala

Hi there, I am wondering if someone could recommend the 3 best Spanish Language schools in Antigua, Guatemala. Is anyone familiar with the BridgeAbroad Program in Antigua, Guatemala? Thanks Ita

6 replies - Last post by neckstrom -
May 20, 2008

Speech Therapy

Well, I've been practicing trilling my "rr's" and I've had completely no success. I've tried zillions of different methods with nothing to be proud of. Every time I try practicing trilling my "rr's", I end up feeling more frustrated and eventually I get a bad headache and must lay down after...

4 replies - Last post by nohablo -
May 15, 2008

Spanish Speaking DVDs

where can i find American made movies that are in Spanish? if anybody knows, list some websites or stores here. Cheers

5 replies - Last post by nohablo -
May 15, 2008

Downloading the Rocket Spanish Games

I can't figure out how to access/download the games. Can somebody help? Thanks.

3 replies - Last post by ritakj -
May 4, 2008

Level 2 of Rocket Spanish course

Does anyone know if a Pdf. book came with the level 2 of the Rocket Spanish course? I know one came with the first one but not sure if there's one with the second level or not. muchos gracias todas

0 replies - Last post by -
Apr 29, 2008

Medical Spanish

Anyone have any good resources to expand RocketSpanish to practicing medical Spanish?

1 reply - Last post by nohablo -
Apr 27, 2008

Spanish Course Hard Drive Backup

What is the best way to back up the Spanish Course I have downloaded to my hard drive?

1 reply - Last post by nohablo -
Apr 23, 2008

Hola! from New Student

Greetings from the Lone Star State! I'm just getting started with the course, having made numerous other attempts over the years to learn Spanish; full-time work and "life" issues seem to always have pulled me away from my studies, but I'm retiring in two months and relocating from Texas to...

6 replies - Last post by Loriann -
Apr 16, 2008

Studying 2 Languages At A Time!

¡Hola! ¿Como están todos? Is anybody here on this forum studying 2 languages at a time? So I'm guessing Spanish (espero que si) and any other language. If anyone here is, what are your suggestions for studying more than one language at a time? How much time do you spend on each language...

7 replies - Last post by Loriann -
Apr 13, 2008

Newsletter content

Hello everyone, I just have a quick question. After signing up for the free trial subscription, I decided to purchase the full version of Rocket Spanish. I foolishly assumed that the Newsletter for the full version contained only links to the next lesson's sound file, and ignored them, since...

0 replies - Last post by tyler_erickson -
Apr 4, 2008

Easiest way to learn a new language

Hola a todos. Well, I've finally found it--the key to learning Spanish. It's in a book entitled _Bastard Tongues _ by linguist Derek Bickerton that was reviewed in today's Washington Post Book World. Here's the key passage: "Most of the Spanish I speak was learned from drunks in bars. In...

0 replies - Last post by nohablo -
Mar 30, 2008

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