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Mailed course vs. the downloadable version

Hola, Other than price and the effort to download the program, what does the mailed course have over the downloadable version? Thanks in advance for any info. Also, I purchased Topic's "Instant Immesion Spanish Deluxe 2.0". It doesn't seem to be very good :( . Has anyone heard...

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Apr 19, 2006

Tu Sombra: Pesdao

Hey all, By chance anyone have the CD: "_Tu Sombra"_ by Pesado? I'm trying to find out the name of the last song on the CD. It's an "extra" song so there is no title. It's the last 3:14 of the CD (there's about 1 min or so of dead space between it and the last named...

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Apr 10, 2006

Mauricio's pronunciation of 'V' vs. 'B'

I've been told that in Spanish there is no difference between a 'B' and 'V' sound; for example, the sound at the beginning of 'voy' and 'busco' would be the same. However, when I listen to Mauricio in the Rocket Spanish lessons, it seems to me that I can hear a difference between his 'V's and...

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Apr 7, 2006

Spanish Spanish

Hi What are the major differences between the Spanish taught in Rocket Spanish and the Spanish spoken in Spain. The reason I ask is because I tried out some Spanish on a friend of mine (I'm living in Spain) and he said no you wouldn't say that. Thanks Nick[/img]

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Apr 5, 2006

Study in Mexico?

I'd love to go to Mexico to study Spanish for a month or two .. anyone have any experience with schools there, especially ones that are very intensive, like 4-6 hours a day.

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Apr 3, 2006

Multiply and Divide

How do you divide and multiply en español? What is the correct terminology? Por ejemplo, dos multiplied by dos son cuatro o ocho divided by cuatro son dos Frank

1 reply - Last post by Mauricio -
Mar 16, 2006

Question for Amy or Mauricio

Hey guys! After reading through your website and sampling your 6-part mini-course, rocketspanish seems really attractive. I really want to learn Spanish as alot of my co-workers are of Puerto Rican dissent. My question is will rocket spanish make me fluent in spanish in 3 months? That's quite a...

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Mar 6, 2006

Need missing transcripts for Learning like crazy tapes

¡Hola! I came to Rocket Spanish by way of LSLC. Wish I had found Rocket Spanish first as it's a great course for beginners. IMO the two make good companion courses. I really appreciate the way Amy pronounces each word that's being introduced slowly and clearly...something that LSLC...

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Feb 14, 2006

Great Idea

I've recently moved to Spain for work so I've found myself needing to learn Spanish and I've got to say, I've looked at other Learn Spanish courses and i'm really impressed with Rocket Spanish! I tried the free mini course and will be ordering today :) What I really like are the fact...

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Feb 11, 2006

Getting Fluent

I am looking for some suggestions on improving my Spanish. I am hoping to break out of Low Intermediate level to a more advanced level. I know a lot of the grammar but still find that I have to think too much before I speak to make sure I am talking in the correct tenses. I want to...

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Feb 2, 2006


I am looking for a NZQA accredited course to do in New Zealand, is rocket spanish registered for NZQA qualifications? if so do you have an EFT points level that can go towards getting a student allowance? Thanks

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Feb 1, 2006

MP3 player for course

I want to download the Rocket Spanish course on a MP3 player. Any recommendations on a MP3 player to buy that has good audio quality/storage for this. Thanks, James

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Nov 29, 2005

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